Child Arrangements and Parenting Plans

Using mediation when you cannot agree on arrangements for the children after your separation is less disruptive for the children, quicker and cheaper than taking the matter to court. You also remain in control of what will happen to your children rather than have your child’s arrangements decided by a judge.

At LH Mediation, parents have the opportunity to work through a parenting plan for their children which works around their own commitments and allows each parent to have quality time with them. It is a collaborative process whereby each party has one main objective in mind: to do what is best for their children.

You develop a set of written guidelines and expectations for raising your children together often called co-parenting. The following headings can be used though this is not a definitive list:

  • Child Arrangements
  • Which Residence
  • Holidays
  • Special Occasions – Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Birthdays
  • School Holidays during the academic year – winter, spring and autumn
  • Summer Holidays
  • Communication
  • Religion
  • Education – Parents Evenings, Concerts and Sports Days
  • Additional Considerations – babysitter, dating, introducing children to a new partner, living with a new partner and relocation

LH Mediation will draft a parenting plan designed for your unique co-parenting and child arrangements.

We are also qualified to bring children into mediation under the Direct Consultation with Children – this involves talking with children as part of the mediation in which arrangements are being made for them.

For further information, availability and fees which are specific to each case, please contact us today.