Civil & Commercial Mediation

You may need commercial mediation to resolve a dispute about money, business contracts or you may be needing to resolve conflict of a more personal nature, with a friend or neighbour over property or your car for example. The parties control the outcome and chose to be there. They have a chance to explain their point of view and it is their choice whether they settle and, if so, on what terms.

Through mediation, LH Mediation can help you find a resolution without the stress of going to court, and she can provide an opportunity for everyone’s point of view to be heard. You avoid the risk of long drawn out, expensive adversarial litigation and the bitterness which often follows such procedures.

Settlements may look like this; outcomes which all parties agree are fair, an apology and/or compensation.

At LH Mediation, our approach is flexible. Sometimes people want to resolve matters in one meeting, possibly lasting half or even a whole day.

To discuss your situation, for availability or an outline of fees which are on a case by case basis, please contact us.

Civil and Commercial